Grantee Highlights

  • WRC – NewBridges

    Issues facing women served by Houston County Courts were initially identified by Judge Conaway, Dr. Jack Sasser and the WRC, Inc. Board. The need to address the transitional needs of women in community work release programs to dramatically reduce recidivism rates by improving successful integration into local communities was evident. Since 1972 the number of […]

  • Impact Alabama – FocusFirst

    Poor vision has a direct, negative effect on a child’s ability to learn, and many children suffer from vision problems each year. Therefore, vision screenings are very important during a child’s preschool years when early identification and treatment of many conditions can prevent irreversible vision damage or loss. Many child care centers use traditional eye […]

  • Bright Key

    Bright Key is a partnership between Wiregrass Foundation and Dothan City Schools to pilot an innovative, grassroots community school initiative in two area schools:  Highlands Elementary and Selma Street Elementary. Bright Key involves school-community stakeholders (teachers, parents, students, and neighborhood residents) in the identification and implementation of programs and services to maximize the academic potential […]