Eligibility Quiz

Wiregrass Foundation is interested in opening a dialogue with any organization, agency or funder with a proposal that meets our guidelines.

To ensure that completing an application to the Wiregrass Foundation is worthy of your time, we encourage you to review the preliminary eligibility questions below:

  1. Is your organization a tax-exempt organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and you are not a private foundation?
  2. Has your organization been in existence for 2 or more years?
  3. Does your program or project match one or more of our program areas below?
  • Health

    • Fostering economic growth and development
    • Improving the health and well-being of the community
  • Education

    • School Readiness
    • K-12 Achievement
    • Post-Secondary Attainment
  • Quality of Life

    • Rising Standard of Living
    • Civic Engagement
    • Effective Leadership
    • Effective Organizations

If you’ve answered yes to all three of the above questions, your organization may be eligible. Please also consider the following exclusions as it is not our policy to fund:

    • Churches
    • Political organizations or causes
    • Grants outside the Dothan area
    • Individuals or fraternal bodies
    • Ongoing operating expenses
    • Organizational start-up expenses
    • Statewide or national projects
    • Projects of more than 5 years
    • Fundraisers

Organizations also are strongly encouraged to consider the amount of their proposed request to the Foundation relative to their historical revenue.  It is the responsibility of the applicant organization to ensure that the size of a grant from Wiregrass Foundation relative to its other sources of gifts and income will not cause the organization to automatically convert to private foundation tax status under certain Internal Revenue Service Regulations.

In order to protect instructional time and respect administrative oversight in our local schools, any application (including micro-grant applications) for projects that will operate in our schools, request services from school personnel, or involve students during the school day or in connection with their school-sponsored activities must include written endorsements by the principal(s) and the superintendent of that school and system.  The endorsements will not affect the Foundation’s funding decision, but are intended to insure that the school and system are aware of the proposed project.

If you have any questions about the eligibility of your organization or project, you are welcome to contact us.  Otherwise, you may continue to our online Grant Application instructions.