Our Approach

What Does Wiregrass Foundation Want to Fund?

The Foundation’s Zones of Interest are broad: Education, Health, and Quality of Life.  Here are a few thoughts we can share about our current areas of interest:


Economic Development


Wiregrass Foundation believes that the best way to uplift a community is to enable everyone to have a good job that supports a quality life for their family, and creates generations of engaged, caring community citizens. As a private foundation, there are very specific, limited “gateways” that enable us to be involved in economic development. Projects that focus on training, education, workforce development, (especially for disadvantaged populations) and area infrastructure improvements are of interest.  We are always working with prospective partners that may lead to projects that impact economic development.



We believe that excellent public education is essential to our community. The Foundation has partnered with Dothan City Schools to focus on grades K-5 with our Bright Key Initiative.  There is no simple way to describe this partnership.  More information can be found on the Bright Key website: www.brightkeywiregrass.org.

Capacity Building

From its beginning, Wiregrass Foundation believes in the power and potential of our area non-profit organizations and has been committed to developing the dimensions of area nonprofits. One such commitment was the administration of the Grantee Perception Survey administered in the summer of 2013. After a thoughtful and thorough review of the responses provided through that survey, we now have a clearer interpretation of what we can do to help advance the local non-profit community.

With the assistance of a group of local nonprofit leaders and  the TCC Group, Inc., WF’s goal is to provide the tools to assist organizations, identify their internal strengths and challenges, assist in an individual prioritized capacity building plan, and provide knowledge-based training and professional development not otherwise available. WF will fund individual needs, surveys, workshops, and professional development opportunities to area nonprofits willing and ready to strengthen their capacity.  By providing this opportunity, WF will enable nonprofits to build on their strengths to provide the Wiregrass area with an effective, efficient, and self-sustaining nonprofit network.

If you would like more information on the current initiative or other opportunities, please contact us.


Come by and talk with us, and invite us to your programs and events.
The more we learn, the better we are able to serve our community!