How We Make Grants

Responsive vs. Strategic Grantmaking

Wiregrass Foundation has been awarding grants since 2005.  In the early grantmaking process, the Foundation was responsive to a wide variety of needs in the community.  In 2007, the Foundation’s Board of Directors participated in a strategic planning process to discuss the future directions for the Foundation.  After many hours of deliberation, the Board elected to transition to strategic grantmaking and to focus on making a signficant, measurable impact on specific areas within health, education, and quality of life.  Specifically, the Board chose to fund projects with the following objectives:


  • Health

    • Fostering economic growth and development
    • Improving the health and well-being of community
  • Education

    • School Readiness
    • K-12 Achievement
    • Post-Secondary Attainment
  • Quality of Life

    • Rising Standard of Living
    • Civic Engagement
    • Effective Leadership
    • Effective Organizations

The basis of our approach to grantmaking has always been that we are not “giving” but are “investing” in local projects and forming partnerships with our grantees.  Grants are a committed investment and the Foundation makes these grants to advance our objectives and zones of interest.