Grant Application Process

Wiregrass Foundation has three different types of grant applications: project grants, micro-grants, and capital improvement grants.  For detailed information explaining the types of grant awards and information that will be required to complete an application, please see the Grant Guidelines Information Sheet.   For all grant programs, the Foundation considers applications four times per year at its April, June, August, and October Board of Directors’ meetings.  Applicants are strongly advised to adhere to the following grant submittal deadlines:


  • For Consideration at the Board Meeting in





  • Application Deadline

    March 1

    May 1

    July 1

    September 1

To be accepted, grant applications must be received in our system on or before the deadlines set forth above.  Deadlines for receipt of applications are strictly enforced.   For deadlines falling on a weekend or recognized holiday, applications will be accepted on the first business day following the deadline date.  Once accepted, applications may only be amended at the request of Wiregrass Foundation.

If you believe that your organization and project are matched well with the Foundation’s funding priorities and can meet all our requirements, you are welcome to begin the eligibility and application processes.

The following instructions will assist you with your account registration, on-line completion and submission of your Grant Application.

1. Your Account

All applicants must first register for an account. (To prevent compatibility issues, use Internet Explorer or Firefox.)

Please retain your password for future access to your account. Wiregrass Foundation is not responsible for forgotten passwords.

  • 2. Eligibility Quiz

    Once you set up an account, you will be taken to the Eligibility Quiz.  If you pass the short Eligibility Quiz, you will be taken directly to the Grant Application of your choice.  Wiregrass Foundation is a private foundation and must follow IRS regulations related to Public Support.  However, organizations are strongly encouraged to consider the amount of their proposed request to the Foundation relative to their historical revenue. 

    It is the responsibility of the application organization to ensure that the size of a grant from Wiregrass Foundation relative to its other sources of gifts and income will not cause the organization to automatically convert to private foundation tax status under certain Internal Revenue Service Regulations.  If you fail the Eligibility Quiz, you will not be able to access the Application.  If you have questions regarding your eligibility, please contact us.

  • 3. Grant Application

    Complete all the information required in the Organization, Contact, and Request sections.  You will be allowed to Save and Return Later to the application at any time during the process.  If your information has changed since you last submitted an application, please provide updated information.

  • 4. Review and Submit

    Once you have completed all sections of the Application, choose Review & Submit. You will have the opportunity to review all information carefully before you submit for consideration. Once you Submit your application, you will not be able to revise. The Contact listed on the application will receive an auto-reply e-mail from Wiregrass Foundation notifying you the Application has been received for review.

    Applications are subjected to a critical review process that emphasizes the adequacy and potential effectiveness of each proposal and the extent to which the project is a good-fit with Wiregrass Foundation’s vision, zones, and objectives.   This is not intended to deter potential applications, but some excellent projects may not be approved.

    Foundation staff is available to assist you with interpreting the expectations of the application.  However, Foundation staff cannot provide any assurance regarding Board approval.  We are ready and willing to talk with you about possible ways to strengthen your project.

    Ex-parte contact or “lobbying” of Wiregrass Foundation’s Directors during application review may inadvertently create a conflict of interest and may result in an abstention from voting on the application under review.  Applicants are strongly advised to avoid such communication with our Directors.

    Once your application has been considered by the Board of Directors at their scheduled meeting, you will be notified within one business day of their decision.

Helpful Hints

  • You must register for an account before you can “Submit” an application. Remember your username and password – Wiregrass Foundation is not responsible for forgotten passwords.
  • You may start an application and save to return later. Use the link to “resume an existing application” when you are ready to complete the application.
  • If you have already registered for an account, you must choose the link to “start a new application” if you want to begin a new application – this link is not used to access your account or to finish an application.
  • If you have applications in your account that you do not plan to submit, simply delete them from your list.
  • Please use your LEGAL address in the Organization information and your MAILING address in the Contact information.
  • Use the “Printer Friendly” option to print your application.
  • Note the text fields allow a limited number of words. It will allow you to continue to type, but will not allow you to submit over the limited number.
  • To attach more than one document to an attachment field, scan as one .pdf file and upload. Total application attachments file size allowed is 500mb.
  • Budget Form and Detail – remember to save this form to your computer before adding your information, then, upload/attach your completed form from your computer.
  • Once you submit an application, you cannot retrieve it for revisions.

If you experience any difficulties in submitting your application, please let us know.