What We Fund/Do Not Fund

What We Fund

Wiregrass Foundation makes grants to nonprofit community organizations that positively impact the health, education, and quality of life of the Dothan area.  The Foundation carefully considers its mission when investing in community programs and is committed to achieving measurable results within its zones of interest.

Grants are made to eligible organizations that serve the population residing within a 50 mile radius of Dothan.  Preference is given to organizations that are based in one or more of the four counties of Houston, Henry, Dale, and Geneva, AL.

Organizations that have met one of the following criteria for at least the last 2 years are eligible to apply:

  • A tax-exempt organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (which includes religious, charitable, educational, scientific and certain other organizations) that is not a private foundation.  (Organizations receiving tax exempt status pursuant to a Form 1023-EZ may be required to provide additional information prior to consideration of their grant applications); or
  • A private operating foundation described in Section 4940(d) of the Internal Revenue Code; or
  • An organization described in Section 170(c)(1) (governmental entities) or Section 511(a)(2)(B) (state colleges and universities) of the Internal Revenue Code.

It is our policy not to fund…

Grants are not made to private foundations, supporting organizations described in Section 509(a)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, private or publicly held corporations, limited liability companies, or partnerships.

It is not our policy to fund:  churches, political organizations or causes, grants outside of the defined service area, individuals or fraternal bodies, ongoing general operating expenses, projects of a national or statewide scope, projects of more than 5 years’ duration, or fundraisers.  

In addition, due to our focus on school systems, it is not our policy to fund individual schools or school programs (extracurricular, internal, etc.) nor does WF fund  individual scholarships for students.

It is the responsibility of the applicant organization to ensure that the size of a grant from Wiregrass Foundation relative to its other sources of gifts and income will not cause the organization to automatically convert to private foundation tax status under certain Internal Revenue Service regulations. (See IRS public support test).