Wiregrass United Way

Wiregrass United Way (WUW) supports 42 partnering agencies in six counties in southeast Alabama. The purpose of WUW’s Annual Campaign is to raise funds to help support the operating budgets of these agencies. By raising a bulk of their funds during the Campaign, WUW enables the agencies to spend less time fund raising and more time providing the programs and services they offer.Wiregrass Foundation (WF) has partnered with WUW for the past several years in the form of a challenge grant award. If WUW increases their goal from the previous year and reaches that goal, WF awards WUW with $400,000 for agencies to fund capital improvement projects such as building renovations, facility maintenance equipment, technology upgrades, etc. Agencies are required to submit a list of projects each year to the WUW for review and approval by the Funds Distribution Committee made up of volunteers from each of the six WUW counties. The Committee visits with each one of the requesting agencies to make the determination of which projects to recommend to the WF for final funding approval. If selected and approved by WF, requests are funded at 100% and requires no further funding to meet that need.

WUW has been a consistent performer with WF funds and one of the most effective to address the local nonprofits’ needs fitting the Quality of Life goal of WF’s mission.